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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trying to Save Her nearly cost my life A computer boy in nepal highway

Trying to Save Her nearly cost my life
 Yes its true . Trying to Save Her nearly cost my life.
She ran towards me at 20:30 PM 16th may 2011 monday night after coming out of a Blue colored maruti Van and not caring other buses, trucks plying along mungling  NarayanGhat Highway. She piggybacked me and Ia sked what happened, She replied ,"the rude driver made me come out of the vehicle and there are 2 brothers from naraynghat and I want to go to Butwal".
 The blue maruti van shot across opposite side our bike and the driver was still cursing. She asked me to accelerate which i did, but frantically as, after a few seconds the van screeched to halt in front of my bike making me apply emergency brakes makeing me nearly hit the vehicle or fall in the streets , or marsyangdi, Trisuli ,narayani River Swirling by.
I told the guy not to touch her and respect her which he did, Both started discussing , the girl was telling," i thought u r nepali brother so took the lift to butwal", and finally the guy said to her ," tell the biker sorry sir". She came to me shook the hand and said sorry. The rude driver also shook hand with me after which I said ," ok if u two are fine I am going ".
I turned back to nod final hi before accelerating. The girl was not inside Van. She was lying on the highway road beside the door of the maruti van . My Adrenaline rush made me drive faster and faster accelerating much faster until I reached BHorle village 20 kilometers before reaching narayanghat.
I told them my story took a few drinks SMS 4321 with content," baa 5 cha maruti blue van going to Butwal with a Girl".
4321 responded ,"your report has been received.
We will look into it.
Thank You Metropolitian traffic police ".
I could not dial 100 as both NTC and NCell were not working during the moments from my cellphone at that time 20:30-20:53
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